Jonny's Butterflies

Trevor Gilbert


This page is designed to bridge updates and fundraising events to help with Trevor's treatments for grade 4 medulloblastoma (PNETS) at St Louis Children's Hospital. Trevor learned on 2/26/19 that his cancer has returned with a new tumor. WE now live in Jacksonville, FL and are working closely with the St Louis team to figure this treatment out.

This past week, Trevor attended a routine MRI followup to monitor progress on his brain since his last 2 year battle with brain cancer. Unfortunately this time the doctors didn't just come in to share the good NED news (No Evidence of Disease) this time...they broke the news that a new brain tumor had surfaced near his Pituitary Gland and this means the fight will now start all over again. This is devastating news to a boy who started his Senior year of high school with all the hope and excitement a kid could imagine...dreams of college...hanging with friends...first job...time with family. To say this blindsided this family is an understatement.