Jonny's Butterflies

Team Luke


Meet our friend Luke Allred …he is a wonderful 11 year old boy, always smiling and either outside playing outside with his friends lacrosse stick in hand, fishing or playing tennis at the local court with his family. Luke’s mom, Susan, knew something wasn’t right when they were on winter vacation. Luke was increasingly tired, bruising easily, and pale. The family returned from their Christmas break and were supposed to leave the following week for a lacrosse tournament. Before leaving, Susan took Luke to see his pediatrician. His blood work was abnormal and before they knew it, they were heading to Children's Hospital. On December 26th 2017, the Allred family’s world was turned upside down as Luke was diagnosed with Leukemia. Over the next 48 hours, Luke received several units of blood, a bone marrow biopsy, spinal tap, a port placement and started chemotherapy. Luke was diagnosed with b-cell Leukemia and will have to continue treatment for the next 3 years. Luke has a long road ahead but we want him to remain positive and upbeat, stay healthy during his treatment, beat his leukemia and ultimately back home running around with his family and friends! Luke is a fighter and a champion to us all - please help us support Luke and show him that NO ONE FIGHTS ALONE! #TeamLuke