Jonny's Butterflies



Hannah was 5, in May 2017, when she was diagnosed with a unique and aggressive metastatic brain cancer. After brain surgery, 33 radiation treatments to her brain (while under anesthesia), lung surgery, 5 rounds of chemo, and 31 radiation treatments to her lung (also under anesthesia), we are pleased to say that Hannah’s health has been stable for close to two and half years now! Today Hannah enjoys her weekly art lessons and is an aspiring doctor! She is a loving big sister, enjoys music and learning about animals. Hannah has had many medical issues she continues to face, as a consequence of her cancer and its treatments. She has a restrictive lung disease. Her brain surgery caused her left side to temporarily be paralyzed. She has restricted movement with her left hand today and is in physical therapy 2 times a week for her left foot and ankle. She now sees a pulmonologist, endocrinologist, occupational therapist, physical therapist and has a swallowing therapist. Throughout all of this, she always has a huge smile on her face and has been so incredibly strong and courageous. We are so proud of Hannah!